Augmented Sense Technologies was formed in 2019 to pursue opportunities in embedded sensors, the IoT and wearable electronics, burgeoning fields fueled by some really cool innovations. AST is currently on the 5th iteration of the hardware which will culminate in transfer to production and manufacturing pilot. We are based in the San Francisco Bay area.


Contact us at ask@gadgettronix.com.


Experienced, well-rounded, & passionate.

We have an experienced and well-rounded team with a proven track record, and we’re really passionate about what we’re doing.


Founder & CEO


A self-described geek, open source evangelist, STEM advocate and technology wonk, Tony Dobaj has been developing electromechanical gadgets for around 35 years for such companies as Boeing, Nokia and IDEXX to name a few.

He formed Gadgettronix in 2010 to pursue opportunities in the IoT and wearable electronics, a burgeoning field fueled by some really cool innovations.

He got his start in the entrepreneurial community in the mid 90’s looking over his father’s shoulder while he founded Mrazek Cycles, a boutique mountain bike company that differentiated itself from others in the heyday of the mountain bike craze by having a unique look at feel based upon the designer’s affection for Samurai swords. He still rides his 15-year-old Mrazek and uses it for inspiration daily. He is really excited about bringing the two life aspects about which he is most passionate, outdoor activities and technology, together to enhance the experience and improve safety.



A creative, enthusiastic, Design /Sales/Marketing Consultant with a proven record of accomplishments in planning and leading design teams, marketing and branding strategies in support of business goals and objectives.

Innovative executive with expertise in developing and executing international activewear apparel collections for some of the largest firms in the world in the U.S and Europe, including Adidas, Nike, Asics, New Balance, Fila, Disney, Wal-­-Mart, Speedo Int’l Colosseum Sport and Eleven by Venus Williams.

Able to cultivate proven gains in both revenue and brand recognition. Demonstrated success driving growth of target markets through analyzing business trends and developing strategic plans within budget to ensure corporate objectives are achieved.

Proven leader with excellent communication skills proven by the ability to successfully manage large campaigns while managing individuals with diverse backgrounds.



Craig has been the Chief Operating Officer COO/EVP and minority owner of BTI Events and now with GLOBAL USP.

He has specialized in sports–related corporate relationships, partnerships and media integration for nearly 20 years. He has solidified relationships for the broadcasting of international media into the North American markets, and for streaming of content worldwide.

Key programming partners include ESPN, CBS Sports Network, NBC, Fox Sports, YouTube and UStream. Previously, Craig served as Vice President for Business Development for the broadcast media technology firm, Sportvision, best known for inventing the virtual yellow line in NFL broadcasts and NASCAR enhancements.

He has established extensive media relationships and sponsorship deals with industry leaders such as Yahoo!, AOL, EA Sports, Sega, Compaq, ESPN, USA Today, Sportsline, NBA, NFL, NASCAR, and many national sponsors.



Jess is one of those rare individuals that can live comfortably and capably both in the technical and business world. He is a subject matter expert in RF and analog electronics, has an MBA, was a director at Trimble Navigation, is an entrepreneur in the IoT, and now is advising Gadgettronix.



Alejandro is a social media and digital marketing expert with a passion for wearable technology. There are few things he enjoys more than scrolling through the latest tech news and trends. His ability to easily communicate strategies and campaign results with peers of varying technology proficiency levels makes him an indispensable team member. Alejandro sharpened many of his communication and emotional intelligence skills while employed at Apple Inc. as a Remote Advisor. In addition, Alejandro's involvement with nonprofit organizations has given him extensive experience in maximizing results with limited budgets. Leveraging his Master of Public Health Administration degree, Alejandro has most recently been working with a mental health care group looking to expand into teletherapy and digital business solutions.