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Introducing the gestr, a better way to interface with your smartphone when you're on the move.

gestr charging case with connected wearable and ring

The GestrTM

Augmented Sense Technologies' gestr with mounting accessory
Augmented Sense Technologies' gestr Charging Dock
Augmented Sense Technologies' gestr magnetic ring
Augmented Sense Technologies' gestr

The gestr™ is a tiny, wearable remote-control device that allows the user to control their smartphone using familiar and intuitive swipe gestures without looking at or touching anything.


Full Control

Interact with your smartphone using intuitive gestures that work flawlessly no matter what you’re doing or what you’re wearing, without stopping or even slowing down.

  • Capture epic footage while rock climbing, mountain biking, or surfing with your helmet-mounted GoPro without fumbling with tiny buttons or wondering whether or not you got the shot.

  • Jam out to your favorite tunes while hiking, camping, or kayaking with easy music control.

  • Stay connected and safe while out on a trail run, backpacking trip, or kayaking expedition with the ability to customize the gesture actions, answer or dismiss calls, and announce even the time of day.

  • Get navigation guidance on demand while receiving distance notifications to your next turn while hiking or biking on a back country trail or exploring a new city on your motorcycle.


And the possibilities don't stop there. As long as it falls within the security protocols of your phone and doesn't involve typing, the options are endless!

Thrilling mountain biking adventure through a tree-covered mountain
Snowboarder 1

Collision Safety

Our technology detects and reports, in real time, the distance and closing speed to another person with gestr. Be safely aware of other trail users and automatically mute your playback – no surprises, no compromises.

Ski Retrieval Made Easy

With the “skeeper” accessory (coming soon), the collision avoidance technology doubles as a ski finder. Never spend another powder day searching for a lost ski, something we’ve seen plenty of in the mountains.

Ski Retrieval


This patented technology is able to determine the gesture by sensing the magnetic field as you wave a flexible and fashionable magnetic ring over the top of the wearable device, which avoids the difficulties that movement sensors have when you’re already on the move.

Disassembled view of Augmented Sense Technologies' gestr charging dock

It's perfect for outdoor enthusiasts because it can be worn discreetly under your clothes and won't interfere with your activities like other sensors might.

We made this for ourselves
and now we’re ready to share it with you!

We get that being outside is all about letting loose and getting away from it all. But we also know that sometimes, you need to stay connected. And that’s where we come in. We’ve designed our products specifically for adventurers like YOU, so you can stay in the zone, stay safe, and stay connected, all at the same time.

See you out on the trails!

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