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Welcome to Augmented Sense Technologies!

What was formerly "Gadgettronix" is now "Augmented Sense Technologies"! Why the name change? Since starting Gadgettronix in 2010 we've changed our mission statement a couple of times and this latest is to reflect our focus on safety as opposed to convenience. You the customer has told us and we've listened. Our new mission statement is all about bringing the safety-related assisted driving technologies to sustainable forms of transportation (scooters, bicycles, wheelchairs, etc) so that these most vulnerable participants in the urban commuting scene will reap the benefits as well. Of course, this technology will cross over into other use cases, including other types of sports for outdoor enthusiasts (snowboarding, rock climbing, etc), industrial package handling operations and anywhere else folks need to be hyper-aware of what they're doing and can't be distracted from what's in front of them to interact with technology. We're very excited about the re-brand and can't wait to bring these benefits to you in 2020!

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